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Ok, here we go, first blog post.

First of all, let me clarify that I’m not here to challenge anyone’s faith in their religion. I’m not here to tell you that you’re wrong and that I’m right. This is merely a thought I had as I was scribbling in my little notepad my best friend gave me in order to help me organize my thoughts and to provide an outlet for my particular way of thinking.

I don’t subscribe to any particular faith. I have the greatest respect for all religions and all people no matter what they choose to believe in. We are all people and all entitled to following our own thing.
With that said, I hope anyone reading this will understand that I am merely sharing my opinion and that I’m open-minded enough to admit, especially when it comes to the unseen, that anything is possible.

I grew up in a Christian household. My father recently retired his pastorship due to a stroke he suffered which severely hampered his ability to fulfill his duties in that role. His faith is unshakeable and I respect him for it. But I am not my father and have always tried to follow my own path, for better or worse.

But even I know that no individual on this planet is capable of understanding everything. Therefore, I spend alot of time exploring different perspectives, belief-structures and cultures in an effort to continually
learn and incorporate the knowledge of the world into my own understanding of things. I feel that this process has helped me to be more acceptive than some towards people with different backgrounds. I feel this is important because I’m a big-picture thinker. I see the potential and possibilities of the future and how our relationship and behavior towards one another will ultimately decide the fate of our civilization.

For the longest time I rebelled against my Christian upbringing for reasons I refuse to stipulate simply because my experience will not resemble your own. We are truly different because none of us experience
the same exact set of circumstances. So my reasons are my own and no one else’s. There’s no purpose in discussing it. And it’s not the point of this post. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief. Any negative opinions on the subject I will keep to myself. So this is some general background information that I think will help you understand, somewhat, my point of view on the matter.

So….I was thinking today as I was scribbling away in this aforemention notepad of mine. I write anything and everything that pops into my head. Ideas, observations, you name it. Inevitably, my thoughts turn towards the subject of religion because it’s something that is a part of me, whether I like it or not. I lived it, it was an experience, and it shaped who I am today. But for me, who isn’t entirely sure what to believe, I look at “God” as a concept, an ideal without the supernatural elements. But what if “God” is not this great, spiritual entity that exists separate from us, humanity. What if humanity itself was “God”?

Now, what I mean by that is, what if the concept of “God” is the ideal of a united world? And what if Jesus was an incredibly brilliant forward-thinking revolutionary who was simply one of us? From what I understand, Jesus does affirm that he is indeed the Son of “God” when being questioned by the authority figures intent on destroying him. But just what if he intended this concept of God to mean us (humans)
as a collective? What if he was just saying that he was a son of the people. Would it be possible that in his affirmation in his response to this question, the question meant something different to him than the man interrogating him? Maybe “God” to him was the ideal of a united world who, in its unity, could collectively achieve anything and therefore would essentially be a single entity that would appear to be all-powerful and all-knowing. Because if suddenly, all the people in the world were to come together and make a collective effort, we could truly accomplish anything. Maybe he was speaking figuratively because he understood the times he lived in and that it was the only way to relay his message. Because maybe he understood that people have always had a hard time understanding something outside of an already well-established belief structure?

As for the accounts of his “miraculous” doings, who knows really….but people were prone to being very superstitious back then. Not to discredit those events at all. Like I said, I don’t know everything. But consider that these seemingly impossible events occur in the sacred texts of every major religion in the world. Some fade into mythology (Greek Gods), but some exist today. But why? These events don’t seem to happen in our modern world that can be verified with an absolute certainty. But I’m open-minded, they could be occuring and I may just not be around to see it myself. But on the same note, I see the possibility that these were natural events that were misinterpreted by an archaic civilization prone to believing in unnatural causes. I see both sides. And I don’t believe anyone on this planet has the knowledge enough to claim one and discredit the other. It would be foolish and arrogant to attempt to, in my opinion.

I mean, there’s a huge gap unaccounted for in the life of Jesus. What was going on? What did he experience? What was he thinking? Just maybe he was a believer in humans. Maybe he was a believer in our potential to do great things together. Maybe he was just ahead of his time and understood things a bit better than the people around him. And just maybe Jesus was a believer in the best of us, instead of the worst.

What I am sure of, however, is that disunity will ultimately lead to our end. And there are so many divisive factors (race, religion, politics) we impose on OURSELVES that burden our ability to progress as a civilization. And as our grasp of technology advances, we begin to resemble more and more the gods described in the old world. Unfortunately, our advances in technology include newer and more destructive ways of annihilating one another. If we were to travel back in time to those days with an atomic weapon and unleash it upon a country, who would not revere us as God if that was what we claimed to be?

As I stated in the beginning of my post, this is merely my humble opinion. It’s not even a set opinion, it’s just a passing thought I had. But I’m a believer in possibilities. And I’m a believer in the best qualities of humanity. I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs. I’ve never attempted to dissuade anyone around me from following whatever faith they choose. It would be arrogant and plain silly for me to tell another human being what lifestyle is best for them because I haven’t experienced the circumstances of their lives. I just hope that people search and find what works for them, whatever it may be, in order for them to live a happy and more fulfilling life.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!


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